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Residents Parking

Following the work of BID Clifton Village there is now ample 3 and 5-hour parking, with 30 minutes free across Clifton Village.

We are continuing to raise highlighted concerns with Bristol City Council including the 9pm finish, poor transport links and lack of Pay and Display bays.

Visit the BID RPS page

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Clifton Village - Residents' Parking Scheme

CLifton Village RPSDue to the issues around the Residential Parking Scheme that has been proposed for Clifton Village we have created this dedicated page to detail the current situation.


On 22nd May 2013 Bristol City Council made a presentation with questions and answers to businesses operating within the proposed areas of the Residents' Parking Scheme.  A business engagement questionnaire and further information can be accessed at

Useful documents:-

March '16 - RPS Update

BID Clifton Village Board members continue to talk with Bristol City Council as part of the Council's review of RPS in the area. 8 tweaks were presented for consideration following consultation (including monitoring, meetings and surveys) with businesses and residents in Clifton Village as attached. Following a meeting with the Council on 2 February 2016, BID Clifton Village are waiting to hear further feedback to the 8 suggestions raised. We have recently been advised by the Council that they have made no decisions as yet and will continue to keep in touch with BID CV as part of this process.
In addition to this, BID CV continue to talk with Bristol City Council about improved transport services into the Village.  BID CV are currently asking for additional stops to be added to the 901 service in Stoke Bishop so that more people can make use of this service. We have offered to facilitate meetings between businesses, schools and the Council to encourage more commuters, school children and visitors to take up this service. We are also asking for further discussions with the Council and service operators to help enhance good public transport services and connections into the Village, to cater for the thousand+ people coming to Clifton Village for school and work each day.

November '15 - RPS - BCC feedback request

Bristol City Council sent out postcards requesting feedback regarding RPS.

Please send your thoughts and comments to:

1.      Email:

2.      Post to: Highways & Traffic, Bristol City Council, Wilder House, Wilder Street, Bristol BS2 8PH

The Bristol City Council deadline for feedback is 20th November 2015 
Over the past 6 months we have received and collated the following feedback from businesses and residents which may be of interest when you forward your feedback:
  1. Some businesses and residents are happy with the scheme
  2. Unfortunately this is not the case across Clifton and there are several key areas where a few tweaks will improve the scheme considerably for everyone
  • 9pm finish is too late – detrimental impact on early evening trade, it puts staff at risk from late shifts and late office meetings with little or no alternative transport.   Tweak – implement a 6pm finish to assist staff, customers and visitors (a 7pm finish is too late for staff starting evening shifts)
  • Business areas with little or no parking – damaging footfall and trade for retailers and making client appointments difficult.  Tweak – Increase Pay & Display only bays adjacent to and nearby retail and office outlets
  • Offices unable to expand and grow – caps and limits on permits make business expansion for large commercial offices unlikely in Clifton Village.  Tweak – A small increase in permit numbers for larger businesses, taking up the slack. Evidence shows (a) fewer permits have been taken up than offered  and (b) there are many empty streets during the day as residents work elsewhere
  • Confusion for visitors – it is not obvious for visitors where they can park with mixed parking across Clifton and Bristol.  Tweak – Paint blue lines around all Pay & Display bays clearly indicating where visitors can park, a cheap and transparent solution
  • Insufficient transport links – no east/west service and ineffective Park & Ride links to Clifton Village (too costly and too few stops).  Tweak – Improve transport links and bus services e.g. improving Shirehampton Park & Ride, making it more flexible with more stops and recuing ticket prices will see increase take-up
  •  Limited access for regular specialists – regular part time specialists have difficulty parking. Tweak – introduce a new permit option for regular specialist ½ day parking
  • Irresponsible parking – people park in the middle of bays thereby reducing the number of parking spaces available. Tweak – Introduce parking lines at 5 meter intervals encouraging responsible parking
  • Unknown transport options available – visitors and staff are unaware of all transport links to Clifton Village and of the parking facilities. Tweak – promote transport links and parking options across BCC website, local press, signs on meters, at bus stops, train stations, the airport and coach station

How to make you voice heard

You can write your thoughts on the Bristol City Council Postcard before returning it in the freepost OR if you agree with the points detailed on this leaflet please email/post this to Bristol City Council including your postcode to: or Highways & Traffic, Bristol City Council, Wilder House, Wilder Street, Bristol BS2 8PH

Please provide the first line of your address and your post code.

7th July - Residents Parking Scheme - Survey Feedback

Findings and proposed solutions have been announced from the independent Business Survey completed in April/May regarding the current Clifton Village RPS.

Residents Parking Scheme – Clifton Village – Survey Feedback (click to download)

Key findings are:

  1. 67% of traders and retailers are happy with the ability for customers to park, with the exception of 3 hot spots
  2. There is little or no parking for customers in 3 hot spot areas: The Mall (top), Boyces Avenue/Kings Rd, and Regent St. This is a major concern to businesses in these areas who have noticed a significant drop in footfall as a result of RPS 
  3. 100% of commercial businesses are unhappy with the number of business permits they receive, they are unable to trade effectively believing any expansion plans for the future will be impossible with current permit restrictions
  4. 94% of businesses are unhappy with the 9pm finish
  5. 90% of businesses are concerned about the poor bus links into the Village and 89% are concerned about the length of time it now takes staff to get to work as a result
  6. Concern remains about the cost of a business permit – why are they up to 5 times as expensive as resident’s permits?

Consideration for action by Bristol City Council will follow feedback at:

  1. three month health check - from mid to late June 2015
  2. six month review - mid to late September 2015 

To offer feedback for the 2 above reviews please forward all information and/or the survey feedback to:
Bristol City Council at or, call 0117 922 4999

7th April - Grant Funding available to Clifton Village Businesses

We are pleased to announce that the April 2015 Grant Round 1 funding will be open for application from Monday 13th April through to Friday 15th May 2015. From Tuesday 7th April you can request your application pack by emailing the team who will send you all you need to apply. Application forms will also be available on

Grants are 50:50 match funded through LSTF and your investment can be used to improve cycling, walking, car share and other sustainable travel provision on site. All sustainable travel mode initiatives are considered.

1st April - Letter sent to George Fergussion

A copy of a letter (click to download) Andrew Morgan (BID CV Chairman) recently sent by post regarding BID and the implementation of the parking arrangements in Clifton.  Now that they are in place BID is very anxious to work with BCC to make sure this works as well as possible for all concerned.  The aim being to have a meeting which is “construction” rather than “confrontation”.

17th March - RPS Crowdfund plan

Mark Moran has setup a crowdfund initiative with the aim of raising £100,000 which will be used to challenge what Mark believes are the illegalities in the way BCC have implemented RPZ in Clifton Village.

Taking a legal action is not a low cost option so the initial drive is to raise £100,000 . If the fund target is not reached within 28 days then all money pledged will be returned.

Here is the link:

16th March - RPS comes into force in Clifton Village


Clifton Village now forms part of Bristol City Council’s Residents Parking Scheme.  Parking restrictions apply Monday to Saturday between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (north Clifton) and 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. (south Clifton inc.centre of Clifton Village.

For full details see:

REMEMBER THERE IS 30 MINS. FREE PARKING (applies to all areas)   

15th March - BID parking zone leaflet

A BID leaflet helps detail the different parking zones that come into force from 16th March 2015.  We suggest you print out as many as possible and hand out to your customers and staff.

BID parking zone leaflet

11th March - Update on RPS from BCC

BID Clifton Village were provided with the following update from BCC

"The Clifton Village (CV) RPS will start operating on 16 March 2015. From this date, all drivers should park legally. Details and maps of the parking arrangements in CV RPS are available at the following link - How the scheme works in the Clifton Village (CV) area. "

"When parking, drivers are advised to check the signs adjacent to each parking place."

"On 16 March, illegally parked vehicles on double yellow lines, in pay and display bays without a valid ticket, in disabled bays, car club bays and loading bays will be liable to be issued with a penalty charge notice. The Council recognises that there can be a period of adjustment while people become aware of the new rules in force, so for a period of two weeks from 16 March 2015, vehicles that are parked in a permit bay or a shared-use bay or in a Permit Parking Area (PPA) without a valid permit may be issued with a warning notice instead of a Penalty Charge Notice."

10th March - Council Meeting debate RPS on 17th March

On Tuesday 17th March there is a council meeting at 6.00pm when the topic of Bristol City Council’s Residents’ Parking Scheme will be on the agenda. RPS is being debated by the council as a petition, to halt and reverse its implementation, has exceeded the required number of signatures of 3500 (it’s currently 4300).
The council debate provides members of the public an opportunity to voice their views on RPS.
You can submit statements or questions even if you cannot attend the meeting and for details of how to do this please – see below.

Questions and statements from members of the public.

  • The deadline for receipt of questions for the 17th March Full Council is 5.00 pm on Wednesday 11th March. These should be sent, in writing or by e-mail to: Democratic Services, Room 220, City Hall, College Green, Bristol BS1 5TR, e-mail:
  • Questions must identify the person to whom they are put (eg The Mayor) and include the name of the questioner. A maximum of 2 written questions per person can be asked.
  • At the meeting, a maximum of 1 supplementary verbal question may be asked per question submitted. So if two questions are submitted, two supplementaries are permitted. A supplementary question must arise directly out of the original question or reply.
  • Replies to questions will be given verbally at the meeting.  A document with all the questions for the meeting will be available before the meeting starts but will NOT include answers.
  • Questioners may include the following wording on their submission to ensure a written reply:  ‘Please note my wish to have a written copy of the answers to the above questions given at the meeting, together with a record of any additional verbal responses given to my supplementary questions, provided within 10 working days’.
  • The deadline for receipt of statements for the 17th March Full Council is 12.00 noon on Monday 16th March. See above for details of where they should be sent.
  • One statement per member of the public shall be admissible and a maximum of one minute shall be allowed its presentation (subject to overall time constraints).
  • Statements, provided they are of reasonable length, will be copied and circulated to councillors and a reasonable number of copies will be made available to the public attending the meeting.
  • If requested by the person submitting the statement, a written reply will be provided within 10 working days of the Full Council meeting.

A webcast record will be available on the council website for 12 months see:

16th February - Permit Update

Bristol City Council have updated their website detailing the number of permits different sized businesses can apply for :-

15th February - Advice with travel plans

The following sessions have been arranged with TravelWest, to see how they may be able to help you and your employees plan your journey to and from work, once RPS starts in the Village next month.  They can give advice on journey planning, public transport options, car share options and funding for purchasing or hiring bikes.  Both sessions will be held in The Library, Princess Victoria Street and will operate on a drop in basis. The Library will be closed on these days, so there will be signs directing you to the meeting room.

  • Tuesday 17th February 10am - 12pm
  • Thursday 26th February 3pm - 5pm

Useful documents

If these times are not convenient for you, please contact Gideon Thomas via email, OR Aleksandra Michalec to arrange separate meetings.

29th January 2015 - RPS Update

As I’m sure you are aware the residents parking scheme is due to start in Clifton Village on March 16th 2015 and Bristol City Council (BCC) have started putting the new road markings in place. BID CV continue to work on your behalf and we too find it wholly unsatisfactory that with only 8 weeks before the the parking scheme is to be implemented, businesses still do no know how many parking spaces they are entitled to.  BID CV will continue to liaise with BCC to help influence as effective an implementation process as possible.


It is now possible to apply for business permits using the following documents :-


Many of you may be in a position to apply for traders permits and application forms for these are available for download from the BCC website.


Further information can be found:

Please email your requests/concerns to: 

You can also phone: 0117 922 2600

Or, write to: Parking Services (permits 3025) Bristol City Council, PO Box 3176, Bristol BS3 9FS

13th January 2015 - Evening Post

Evening Post Clifton Village RPS

12th January 2015 - BCC "Support for Businesses" leaflet

We have added the BCC "Support for Businesses" leaflet to the BID website - click to download.

18th December 2014 - RPZ Survey and RPZ Petition - latest news

We have added the parking survey details to the BID website that you may wish to sign up to - Parking survey results

28th October 2014 - New Park and Ride Scheme

Details of Action Against RPZ Signage facebook page

1st September 2014 - New Park and Ride Scheme

COMMUTERS can use a new Park and Ride scheme between Clifton and the Portway from today.

Bristol City Council has launched the Wessex 901 service ahead of the residents' parking zone in Clifton Village being introduced next year.

Buses will start at 7am from Shirehampton and run until 7:15pm.

The new service is the second new Park and Ride introduced to serve the Village this year, joining the Long Ashton to Clifton Village service launched by Wessex in April.

More details here

17th July 2014 - BID Clifton Village – Response to the Bristol City Council approved parking plans for Clifton Village

BID Clifton Village is grateful that Bristol City Council has listened to some of the concerns of businesses and has helped improve the previously proposed residents parking scheme with:

  • 2 Links to Park and Ride car parks to the west of the City
  • Pay and Display for 3 hours and 5 hours for customers and tourists
  • Hotels and conference centres being supported with better permits numbers
  • Businesses with 35+ staff receiving a small increase in the number of business permits

This does not address the concerns of the large number of small and medium sized businesses in Clifton Village (small medium enterprises/SMEs) where:

  • 80% on average of staff from an SME are expected to find alternative ways (to the car) of getting to work 

Why is the burden of (a) reducing O2 emissions and (b) ensuring residents have ample parking, fall so heavily on the SME businesses?

Bristol City Council is failing to recognise the fragile trading nature of Clifton Village and despite reasoned proposals from BID Clifton Village, they have refused to consider a phased introduction of business permits to enable businesses time to adjust and support their staff in finding alternative forms of transport to work.

The proposed transport links to a business community the size of Clifton Village are not car park and just 3 bus services to a business community the size of Clifton Village is not appropriate for the continued economic success of the area. Small and Medium sized businesses in Clifton Village have already voiced an intent to leave the area due to the restrictive parking arrangements. This will have an additional, knock on, impact on the local retailers  who rely on the daily trade of the SME businesses to exist, no amount of increased tourism to the area, supported by Bristol City Council, will make up for this lost trade across the long winter months.

BCC have no evidenced based figures to support their proposals and despite being asked many times by BID CV to provide these, they refuse to invest in understanding what the parking capacity is in Clifton Village. As a consequence they have no 'real time' statistics or figures to support their plans which are based on modelling other Cities and areas along with a huge amount of assumption... Bristol City Council admits that Clifton Village is unique which has made it difficult to compare to parking schemes anywhere else.

It is recognised that SMEs are the bedrock of business across the UK and BID Clifton Village are confused and disappointed that Bristol City Council fail to adequately support this group of businesses in their parking plans.

What does Bristol City Council (BCC) consider to be a success, in terms of reduced cars on roads?

  • A reduction of 15% of cars or 20% of cars?

Current plans are expecting Clifton Village SME businesses to take the burden of car reduction plans… they are being asked  to ensure 80% of their staff find alternative ways of getting to work when BCC may consider 20% car reduction to be adequate…How is this equitable for the business community in Clifton Village?

11th July 2014 - BCC meeting with BID

Bristol City Council invite BID Clifton Village to meet with Peter Mann and Jon Toy to discuss parking plans and permits for the larger employing businesses.

Feedback following the meeting on Monday 14th July 2014 will be posted on the website for your interest.

28th May 2014 - Feedback from Bristol City Council regarding RPS plans in Clifton Village

BID Clifton Village (BID CV) was invited to meet with Peter Mann and Jon Toy of Bristol City Council, on 1 May 2014, to discuss the proposed plans for residents parking in Clifton Village.

BID CV left the meeting asking for the process to be paused to enable meaningful consultation and research to be completed. This followed feedback from businesses in Clifton Village who felt the current plans were not fit for purpose and further research and consultation was required in order that the plans would be better informed, deliverable and, equitable for residents and businesses alike.

Peter Mann contacted BID Clifton Village (27 May 2014) to advise of further consultation that Bristol City Council will be undertaking regarding:

  • changes to pay & display hours on the key retail Streets of Clifton Village from 1 + 2 hour pay & display parking to 3 hour pay and display parking

One hour pay and display previously proposed
Clifton Down Road/Gordon Road/Portland Street/Princess Victoria Street/The Mall and Waterloo Street
Two hours pay and display previously proposed
Suspension Bridge Road/Access between West Mall and Caledonia Place/Caledonia Place and West Mall

  • he advised that consultation will only be with people in the immediate vicinity of the specific Streets concerned and it will run until 11th of June
  • after this period BCC will consider how to proceed regarding this point

Peter was asked about other areas for change such as a phased introduction of business permits, alternative transport links into the Village, etc. but he was unable to confirm any additional action for consideration until further feedback has been collated from the Statutory Consultation review.

BID Clifton Village welcomes this step and has offered to assist Bristol City Council with further consultation and research.

Whilst this potential move may help some of the retailers (a) there will still be less parking bays available for visitors and shoppers to the Village than currently available and (b) it does not assist the larger employing companies and hotels with limited parking permits for their staff and no additional transport links into the Village than currently available. A more equitable and beneficial outcome is still required for all parties.

1st May 2014 - Meeting with BCC regarding RPS

Meeting with Bristol City Council regarding residents parking plans
BID Clifton Village met with Peter Mann (Service Director for Transport) and Jon Toy (Residents Parking Consultant) of Bristol City Council on 1st May 2014.
BID CV advised Bristol City Council that many businesses and residents feel the current plans are ill formed and do not represent the needs and requirements of all interested parties in an equitable manner. This is due to:

  1. missed consultation early on and inappropriate consultation at a later stage
  2. lack of evidence based data upon which the plans are formed
  3. inadequate transport links – no car parks and 2 bus services is not sufficient

Bristol City agreed to consider the ongoing request, that:

  1. the process is paused
  2. appropriate consultation is undertaken (replacing the missed consultation phase)
  3. research is completed (to better understand capacity and need)
  4. a working party is set up with representatives from all key stakeholders (to drive deliverable and equitable plans for everybody,  and with this a greener city)

Bristol City Council were asked to come back over the next 2 weeks with a response to each of the above points (15 May 2014).

BID CV are keen to support plans for a greener City and a better environment for everyone who lives, works and visits the City. We wait to hear from Bristol City Council and will keep you posted with any feedback.

Pause, Consult and Get it right for everyone

30th April 2014 - RPS Update

The Statutory Consultation Phase closed on Friday 11th April and the Council are now considering all the objections they have received.
We have been asked to attend a meeting on Thursday 1st May with Peter Mann, Service Director of Transport and we will update you all as soon as we can.
Our message remains the same, we will be asking the Council to PAUSE .. LISTEN ... GET IT RIGHT.

Rest assured whilst the Statutory Period has ended - Clifton Village will not give up

16th April 2014 - RPS Update newsletter

We have listened and acted on your concerns. For the past three weeks BID Clifton Village has worked tirelessly in attempting to ask BCC to:-


It is your BID Levy money that has enabled us to fund this concerted campaign and to present a united message.  We thank everyone for their encouragement and support.

Read the April 2014 – RPS Newsletter

Clifton Village Tank9th April 2014 - The day the tank came to Clifton Village

Today a 25 ton Sherman Tank came to Clifton Village to help highlight the concerns of many residents/businesses with the proposed RPS Scheme and to show that the Village is defending its livelihood.  

Here's what the Business Post had to say. We also obtained coverage in The Times, Telegraph, Western Daily Press, Evening Post, BBC Radio Bristol and ITV News (regional).

See the pictures of the Sherman Tank in Clifton Village taken by local photographer John Seaman

9th April 2014 - Please be advised that:

A) Objections to the RPS plans need to be on grounds that the scheme is not workable in its current state as the revised plans are flawed. A request for tweaks to the scheme (e.g. to change the 1 hour parking limit) will not be considered fundamental to the outcome of the scheme (not material) and literature indicates an objection of this type will be ignored by Bristol City Council.
B) If you have already made objections on a personal basis please complete another TRO registration stating that you wish to add to your previous record.
If you haven't made an objection to date and you are concerned about the impact on your business and the Village we urge you to do so...
Object to the proposed RPS plans on the grounds that the plans need a fundamental change…the scheme as drafted is not fit for purpose and significant changes are required to make the scheme viable and deliverable.

Please also add personal issues to your business - feedback received from businesses re issues thus far include - lack of integrated transport links for staff and visitors, 1 hour parking detrimental to trade, lack of permits make it impossible to carry out normal work practices, etc... 
Businesses are keen to seek additional consultation to redress the inadequate consultation thus far for Clifton Village:
1.   Initial consultation - This phase didn't occur. Councillors of Bristol City Council decided to fast track this stage of the process

2.   Informal consultation - This phase took place although it was shorter than planned.  Bristol City Council cut short this stage by one week

3.   Statutory consultation - This phase is going

C) Please remember when making your objection to email or write to  and:

  1. Quote the reference  CAE/NMT/P/888
  2. Include your name and address 
  3. Include the reason (as highlighted in A above) for your objection

Otherwise Bristol City Council will ignore your objection 


4th April 2014 - Petition we need your signature

We now have an official Bristol City Council E-Petition - please visit the page and add your signature even if you have already signed the paper petition

To object to the propsed RPS for Clifton Village also email Bristol City Council at by Friday 11th April 2014

2nd April 2014 (10am) - Clifton VIllage march to City Hall
Starting from Clifton Suspension Bridge

View the video

On Wednesday 26th March a meeting was held at The Avon Gorge Hotel to discuss the RPS in Clifton Village as the clock is now ticking fast and we have until 11th April 2014 as individuals & businesses to voice our concerns to the plans published last week (see Bristol City Council website – CV Residents Parking Scheme – Traffic Regulations Order page). The consensus of opinion is that the Council have not listened to our collective & individual concerns and at the meeting it was proposed that the Village should march to City Hall.

To object to the propsed RPS for Clifton Village email Bristol City Council at by Friday 11th April 2014

Thank you for your support – its important to remember that we all have a voice and we have until 11th April to ask BCC for more consultation.

What are we asking for?

Bristol City Council has not completed adequate research ahead of the residents parking plans being prepared. There is no evidence based data to support the proposed plans resulting in plans which are flawed.

It is better for everyone if an investment is made to get this right in the first place rather than incurring costly revisions at a later stage.

Too much too soon Bristol City Council

Please see below key issues regarding current RPS plans

  1. Unreliable assumptions
    • Bristol City Council has not completed adequate research in advance
    • There has not been appropriate research of traffic flows in and around the Village, no empirical studies
    • The number of potential spaces available for residents and businesses is unknown to Bristol City Council, they have no evidenced based data from the Village to support their assumptions
  2. Parking limit of 1 hour (heart of the Village)
    • Restrictive to trade (100% of retailers questioned are against this)
    • 94% of meters on key retail streets have a one hour limit with  no return
  3. Business permit numbers too small
    • Staff issues will occur due to the difficulty in getting to work with a lack of viable alternative transport options
    • Businesses are not able to carry out their work effectively due to the derisory number of permits available to them e.g. estate agents
  4. Inadequate transport links to the Village
    • For visitors and employees
    • 2 bus links are the only alternative transport available – this is derisory
    • 1 link to a car park in the South of the City is wholly insufficient
    • There is no car park in Clifton Village and no dedicated link to a car park  
  5. Lack of understanding regarding the fragile business support structure
    • Large employers on the periphery of the Village provide daily trade for the retailers, restaurants, etc.  which is essential to their sustainability
    • Bristol City Council do not recognise this co-dependence in their plans and are in danger of upsetting this fragile community and ultimately the economic output of the Village

Let’s make BCC listen and recognise that together we can find a workable solution for Clifton Village.

Wednesday 26 March 2014 (6pm) - RPS Update Meeting

Bristol City Council has announced the revised Residents Parking Scheme (RPS) plans for Clifton Village ( The Statutory Consultation phase has started, it runs from 20 March to 11 April 2014…THE CLOCK IS TICKING…

There are a number of concerns and issues in the revised plans which will impact on the livelihood of businesses in the Village, the keys ones are summarised below:

1.    Limit of 1 hour for pay & display parking in the heart of Clifton Village
2.    Inadequate transport links to Clifton for employees and visitors
3.    Small and inappropriate number of business permits for large organisations
4.    Less meters of parking for visitors (pay & display)


You have a voice and we urge you to use it so save the Village and its multiple independent shops, offices, cafes and restaurants in the centre and larger businesses/employers on the periphery. All are vital to the continued success and character of Clifton.

Throughout the ‘Consultation Phase’ BID CV continually sought a dialogue with Bristol City Council to ensure the needs of all parties were understood whilst working towards a balanced outcome that best satisfied the needs of everyone. Unfortunately the concerns raised have not been addressed by Bristol City Council and the proposed parking plans do not reflect an equitable outcome.

We believe there is a better solution and we ask you to show your support for the Village by helping us to achieve this. Please contact Bristol City Council with your comments quoting reference CAE/NMT/P/888 and e-mail these to: by 11 April 2014.

For more information -

BID Clifton Village invites you to a meeting to highlight the current plans and the impact these will have on the livelihood of Clifton Village.

MEETING 6 p.m. Wednesday 26th MARCH 2014
At the Avon Gorge, Clifton


13th February 2014 - RPS Updated programme released

Updated programme for Clifton Village RPS and the other RPS areas released (download the Word document)

13th February 2014 - RPS Update

Here's what we've been up to on RPS:-

BID Clifton Village has undertaken the following work on behalf of businesses in the Village:

  • 14 meetings attended with Bristol City Council and other 3rd parties
  • 7 papers presented
  • 13 letters sent
  • A dedicated website page setup with 17 entries uploaded
  • 3 pieces of research undertaken across businesses, residents, visitors and employees in Clifton Village.

Key issues highlighted to Bristol City Council:

  • Lack of consultation undertaken with the businesses
  • Lack of evidenced based data upon which decisions are being made
  • Low number and high value of business permits being proposed
  • 35% reduction in proposed dedicated parking bays for visitors
  • No additional transport links, a detrimental impact on em­ployees and visitors
  • 6 month review not practical, footfall will diminish, business­es will leave in this time

BID CV is committed to working closely with Bristol City Council to ensure proposed parking plans maximise the outcome for both residents and businesses. Bristol City Council advise that they are posting adjusted RPS plans for Clifton Village on their website in early February

24th January 2014 - Pre-Burns Night Drinks and RPS update

The evening at The Avon Gorge Hotel was an opportunity for Clifton Village BID members to get together and there was also an update on the Residential Parking Scheme.

The following documents were presented:-

14th January 2014  December - Bristol City Council, Sustainable Development and Transport Scrutiny (SD&T) Commission

BID Clifton Village were invited to the Bristol City Council, Sustainable Development and Transport (SD&T) Scrutiny Commission meeting on 14 January 2014 where we were asked to advise:

  • how BID CV feels the consultation phase has been completed to date
  • what thoughts BID CV has regarding the proposed plans

Alison Bracey and Janet Williams attended the meeting and presented a documnet detailing the above from BID CV's perspective to Bristol City Council and the SD&T Scrutiny Commission.

<< BID Clifton Village Feedback and Proposal Document >>

19th December - Bristol City Council meeting Public forum to review the consultation process for RPS

BID Clifton Village provided 3 papers to Bristol City Council 

  1. Summary concerns of BID CV regarding the level of consultation
  2. Summary overview of the thoughts of the businesses of Clifton Village
  3. Detailed survey feedback

13th November 2013 (7pm) Keep Clifton Special Public Meeting

Public meeting being held by 'Keep Clifton Special' on the Clifton VIllage Residents Parking Scheme at Clifton High School, College Road, Bristol BS8 3JD.

‘Keep Clifton Special’ has been formed by a group of concerned local residents and businesses to protect the special community that is Clifton.

<< View the phamplet >>

27th October 2013 - Bristol Property Agents Association Survey

Following on from the feedback we received at the recent AGM on the proposed Clifton Village Residential Parking Scheme, we thought you may also be interested in a survey that the Bristol Property Agents Association are running. They are keen to get a response from as many business's as possible, the results which they would like as soon as possible will be collated and used in consultation with Bristol City Council over the RPS proposals.  

<< Bristol Property Agents Association RPS Survey >>

Evening Post Article on RPS8th October 2013 - Evening Post article

Andrew Morgan (BID Clifton Village Chairman) appeared in the Bristol Evening Post talking about the proposed Residential Parking Scheme and the need for additional services such as a shuttle bus service.

Click on the article to read in full or download the press release.

7th October 2013 - RPS - Survey feedback

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback regarding the proposed RPS plans by Bristol City Council. Your thoughts have been compiled into a paper which was forwarded to Jon Toy at Bristol City Council as part of the consultation phase for this scheme. 
If you would like to view the feedback information please contact Rosie

2nd October 2013 - Consultation Period

The start of the consultation process was delayed by Bristol City Council and in the first meeting with businesses they were advised that the turn around on the request for data would be 15 days, the number of days remaining before the close of the consultation process at that time was only 11 days...?

Consultation involves a two way flow of information and opinion exchange, concern exists amongst businesses in Clifton Village that this has been denied to them. BID CV has therefore written to Bristol City Council to request a delay in closing the consultation period.

A large number of questions have been raised relating to key areas of the scheme for which little meaningful data and feedback has been received.

<< BID Clifton Village - RPS - Press Release - 2nd October 2013 >>

2nd October 2013 - Drop in Session

BID Clifton Village have organised a drop-in session for businesses to discuss the Clifton Village residents' parking scheme with representatives of Bristol City Council.

The invent will run from 5.30pm to 8.30pm and will take place in The New Hall at Clifton High School, College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD.

26th September 2013 - Drop in Session

BID Clifton Village have organised a drop-in session for businesses to discuss the Clifton Village residents' parking scheme with representatives of Bristol City Council.

The invent will run from 5.30pm to 8.30pm and will take place in The New Hall at Clifton High School, College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD.

24th September 2013 - RPS - Bristol City Council presentation

Bristol City Council gave a presentation to a small number of businesses in Clifton Village on 23rd September.

<< View the Bristol City Council Powerpoint Presentation >> 

The presentation provides an overview of the proposed Residential Parking Scheme (RPS) for Clifton Village detailing:

  • What is RPS?
  • Objectives
  • Why is RPS needed?
  • Experience elsewhere
  • What is happening and how people/businesses can influence it

As you may be aware the consultation period for this proposal ends on 4th October 2013 and everyone is asked to contact Bristol City Council with their thoughts and comments before this deadline:

In the meanwhile feedback from the BID CV survey is being compiled and you will receive details of this shortly.

19th September 2013 - RPS - Business meetings for Clifton Village announced

BID Clifton Village has organised two drop-in sessions for businesses to discuss the Clifton Village residents' parking scheme with representatives of Bristol City Council.

  • 26 Sept - 5.30pm to 8.30pm - The New Hall at Clifton High School, College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD
  • Wed 2 Oct- 5.30pm to 8.30pm - The New Hall at Clifton High School, College Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 3JD

They are free events, but businesses will need to register here 

Businesses can attend at any time during the three-hour session. The aim is to discuss the positive benefits and potential impacts of residents' parking on local business in the area, and to ensure there is an opportunity to pick up any issues with scheme design - such as loading and pay and display parking. Detailed plans of the proposals will be available to view and council representatives will be available to record observations and suggestions.
Clifton Village and Clifton West were originally designed as two separate schemes. They have now been merged into one larger scheme. If businesses wish to view the proposals for Clifton Village (and the former Clifton West) schemes in advance, please view here.

An exhibition board detailing the plans is also available to view at Clifton Library and Central Library. There are also resources behind the counter to understand the scheme in more detail.

Businesses have until  4th October 2013 to comment on the plans, as follows. 

  • At the meetings (as above).
  • By email:
  • By Mail:

    Highways and Traffic,
    Bristol City Council, 
    Wilder House,
    Wilder Street,
    Bristol City Council, 
    BS2 8PH.

15th September 2013 - Residents Parking Zones - BID Questionnaire

BID Clifton Village is aware that many businesses are concerned about the forthcoming Residential Parking Scheme (RPS) and how it may affect your business.

We are therefore undertaking a short survey, the feedback of which will be collated and placed on the website for your attention in order that you can use the information to best support your correspondence with Bristol City Council about this matter.

<< Download the Questionnaire >>

We ask that you complete by 5pm on Friday 20th September 20123. Apologies for such a short time period but the Bristol City Council consultation period only runs until 4th October 2013 and we are keen to get the data back to you as soon as possible.
In the meanwhile we have arranged for Jon Toy of Bristol City Council to meet with the businesses of BID CV to hear their thoughts and we will forward you details of when and where this will take place shortly.

9th September 2013 - RPS documents released

The following documents have been made available

5th September 2013 - RPS - changes

  • Clifton Village has now been merged with Clifton West to make one larger scheme area.
  • Draft plans will be published on the website during the week of 9 September 2013.
  • An exhibition stand will be erected in the local library during the week of 9 September 2013.
  • A postcard reminder will go out during the week of 9 September 2013.
  • Comments close on 4 October 2013.
  • A feedback report will be published on the internet prior to formal consultation.
  • Formal consultation is planned for January 2014.

Related documents

June 2013 - RPS - Mayor statement

Mayor softness his position on Residents Parking Scheme – read the latest statement from the mayor

June 2013 - RPS - initial documents

On 22nd May Bristol City Council made a presentation with questions and answers to businesses operating within the proposed areas of the Residents Parking Zones.  A business engagement questionnaire and further information can be access at

The RPS is a serious concern for many businesses and we are consulting with BCC to discuss parking and we are also keen to receive your thoughts and input.



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